We work hard to make sure your treatment is as straightforward and comfortable as possible. We invite your questions and we will spend as much time as is needed so that you fully understand the treatment.

On a consultation visit Henk will assess your tooth and the surrounding gum and bone.

He may do some simple tests and will take a digital X-ray. Occasionally, a small CT scan of the tooth may need to be taken as well.

From the information gained, he will advise you on the complexity of the necessary treatment as well as all associated fees. He will also advise you on the likely success rate of the treatment.

Following a discussion with you, he will write a report to your dentist to keep them up-to-date.

A typical treatment visit involves most or all of the following stages:

  • Numbing the tooth with special local anaesthetic and techniques.
  • Isolating the tooth with a “rubber dam.” This prevents the tooth from being re-contaminated by saliva while we work on it. In essence it is a small surgical drape for your tooth.
  • Opening the top of the tooth.
  • Cleaning out the infected tissue within the tooth.
  • Cleaning and shaping the root canal system inside the roots.
  • Sealing the canal to limit the possibility of further re-infection.
  • Building a “core” into the tooth for your dentist to prepare for a crown (back teeth) OR placing a semi-permanent white material if your dentist is to place the permanent filling, this is mostly for front teeth.

In some cases, it is necessary to remove extensive decay and build the tooth up first. Occasionally we place a stainless steel band around the tooth to strengthen it prior to starting the actual root treatment.

In re-treatment cases, all previous root filling materials or posts need to be removed before the root treatment can start.

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