Elite Endo offers dentists and their staff a seamless endodontic referral service. We act as an extension of your practice by promptly seeing your patients (especially when in pain) and keeping you informed at all stages of their treatment.

We never solicit patients for treatment other than that requested.

We acknowledge your referrals immediately on receiving them and will see your patient promptly thereafter.

We happily see patients at short notice and we will send written reports within two working days of your patient’s consultation and treatment visits.

Henk also contacts patients with acute conditions shortly following treatment to assess their treatment needs and make sure they are comfortable.

Henk is very happy to talk to referring dentists about any clinical matters, even if it is only to offer advice about treatment you may wish to provide.

Our Services include:

Management of curved, calcified and ledged canals.

Cases involving treatment on teeth carrying crowns and bridges.

Management of perforation cases.

Removal of posts and fractured instruments.


Cases with difficult access.

Management of trauma cases.

Apical Surgery.

Opening and investigating teeth and locating canals.

Internal bleaching of root treated teeth.

Advising referring dentists about their own cases.

External and internal resorption cases.

Visit the cases section to see examples of Henk’s work and learn how your patients will benefit from the quality of our care.

As most dentists are aware, the latest evidence shows little difference in success rates between single and two visit treatment.

Nevertheless, we believe it is in the patients’ best interests to treat teeth with certain outward symptoms in two visits. In particular, Henk likes to see resolution of swellings prior to completing treatment.

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