All treatment carried out at Elite Endo is on a private basis. We always advise on the fees for your treatment on your first visit and will give you a printed fee estimate as well.

Root treatment and re-treatment fees are inclusive of permanent core placement.

Consultation and report *


Single tooth


Multi tooth

Root treatment                       







Re-treatment (may attract an “Extra Visit” fee in cases of special difficulty)







Post Removal (from)


Apical Microsurgery (without graft materials)


Apical Microsurgery (with use of graft materials)


Temporary crown or band placement *


Open & Investigate *


Extra Visit *


Permanent Core Placement


Review appointment and report


Fee Explanation

* Consultation: Duration is 40 minutes and includes x-rays, discussion of treatment options, treatment planning, explanation of costs and report to referring dentist. If a dental CT scan is needed to plan endodontic treatment, then an additional £75 fee will be applied.

* Temporary crowns or placement of a stainless steel band: It is sometimes necessary to stabilise cracked or broken down teeth prior to initialising treatment. This helps reduce the risk of tooth fracture until a definitive restoration is provided by the referring dentist.

* Open and Investigate: It is not always possible to fully evaluate whether a tooth can be saved without opening and investigating it under powerful magnification. If a tooth is not deemed saveable then this fee applies. If the tooth is saveable then this fee will not be levied and root canal treatment or re-treatment will be initiated immediately.

* Extra Visit: In a limited number of complex cases more than one visit may be required, if so, this fee is added.

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