Fee Guide

All treatment carried out at Elite Endo is on a private basis. We always advise on the fees for your treatment on your first visit and will give you a printed fee estimate as well.
Fees for 2018
  • Consultation and report £75 (single tooth) / £115 (multi tooth)
  • Root treatment : Incisor £550, Premolar £595, Molar £645
  • Re-treatments (from) : Incisor £550, Premolar £595, Molar £645
  • Post Removal £95£195
  • Apical Microsurgery £495
  • Temporary crown or band placement £75
  • Open & Investigate £200
  • ExtraVisit
  • Review appointment and report
  • Referral for CBCT scan only (no report) from £95
  • Referral for CBCT scan only (with report) from £125

Fee Explanation
Consultation: Duration is 40 minutes and includes x-rays, discussion of treatment options, treatment planning, explanation of costs and report to referring dentist. If a dental CT scan is needed to plan endodontic treatment, then an additional £50 fee will be applied.

Temporary crowns or placement of a stainless steel band: It is sometimes necessary to stabilise cracked or broken down teeth prior to initialising treatment. This helps reduce the risk of tooth fracture until a definitive restoration is provided by the referring dentist.

Open and Investigate: It is not always possible to fully evaluate whether a tooth can be saved without opening and investigating it under powerful magnification. If a tooth is not deemed saveable then this fee applies. If the tooth is saveable then this fee will not be levied and root canal treatment or re-treatment will be initiated immediately.

Extra Visit: In a limited number of complex cases more than two visits may be required, if so, this fee is added.